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Stun Guns

A stun gun works by attacking the target’s nervous system. It unloads its energy straight to the muscles at a high pulse frequency. This kind of reaction will make a person’s muscles work very quickly but not properly. In a matter of seconds, the target’s blood sugar will be depleted as it is turned into lactic acid. The loss of energy from this will mean that the target will have a very tough time functioning or moving at all. Also during this process, the neurological impulses that are in charge of muscle movement will be interrupted, they will become disoriented and even lose their balance. This should give you a few solid minutes to get safely away from the situation.

It’s important to point out that a stun gun is a direct contact weapon. You need to be holding your stun gun and press it directly against your target in order for it to be effective. Personal protection devices such as stun guns are increasingly seen as a practical means of self-defense because they are easy to get to and pack just the right punch. A person armed with the right self-defense equipment may effectively escape an attacker without the risk of delivering a lethal blow. Men, women, seniors, college students, disabled individuals, security workers, virtually anyone can make use of stun guns as non-lethal self-defense.

Many of our stun guns serve double duty with flashlights and some come with a wrist strap with a disable pin, should an attacker pull the stun gun away it will pull the wrist strap and disable the operation of the gun so they cannot use it against you.

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