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Pepper Sprays

Pepper spray is an excellent chemical inflammatory self defense tool, causing a burning sensation, pain, temporary blindness and inflammation in the mucus membranes so you can escape! The effects of pepper spray can last up to 45 minutes, although vision often recovers on its own in about 15 minutes. Aside from color, holster and clip we have a few versions to chose from: Stream, Spray and Fogger – each has it’s own operational purpose and benefits.

*All of our sprays contain an invisible marking dye which may help police identify your attacker using an ultraviolet light to show that the individual has in fact been sprayed by pepper spray! The dye will last up to 24 hours.*

With all versions of the spray it is important to aim for the face. Generally it is suggested to spray the letter “Z” across the face to ensure coverage. *Age and maturity should be taken into consideration for choosing this as a self defense tool. *Pepper Spray is not recommended as a tool for uber/lyft/taxi drivers since it is highly likely the need for self defense would be in the confines of the car. *It is not recommend for an elderly or disabled person who may not be able to move away from the pepper spray quickly enough.

*Stream units are designed for a longer range (6-8’ft.) allowing for defense from a further distance.
*Spray and Fogger units are designed for a closer and wider spray, allowing for less accuracy. These are good for situations where there may be more than one aggressor or in a crowd. Caution should be exercised in close range situations so that it does not spray back on you. In all situations the goal is to spray and run. *We carry practice spray units and a decontaminator*

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